Much of the news this week has been about the great coach John Wooden who died last Friday at 99 years of age.  He was a hard working simple man who attained continued successes in his life.  He truly set a great example of being a great person.  John Wooden lived by three values: 1) Never use profanity; 2) Be on time; and 3) Never criticize a teammate.  Can you imagine creating such success by these simple rules?  I’ve seen this quote all week and thought it appropriate to share  "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." I think we’ve all found out that there’s so much more we can do and learn when wee look at what we can do and no concentrate on the obstacles in our path. When you think about it, we’ve become better due to the adversity we’ve endured.  Now we can fine-tune our best qualities to reach our goals and to help more people into homes at eye-popping low interest rates!
Have a great day!